2019 Middle School Winners

All winners’ videos are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Winners were announced at the Red Carpet Event on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | Persuasion | PSA | Story | People’s Choice Voting

Grand Prize
Animation/Stop Motion: Charlie

Josey Lansdell,Emily Haddad, Victoria Barnes, McKamy MS

Animation/Stop Motion: My Perspective on Perspective

Zion Alexander, Creek Valley MS

Grand Prize
Documentary: Vaping: It’s Not Just Water Vapor

Kunju Menon, Colin King, McKamy MS

Documentary: 8AM: Just Waking Up

Luke Fisanick, Griffin MS

Documentary: Human Trafficking

Fatima Manzar, Sarah Jacob, Kaidence Rolen, McKamy MS

Documentary: Sphere of Influence

Steven Santay, Hedrick MS

Documentary: The Hunt For Happiness

Josey Landsell, McKamy MS

Documentary: Think and Drive

Amy Sharma, Noah Stanley, Ryan Surdek, Grant Rankin, McKamy MS


Documentary: Why Acts of Kindness Result in Happiness

Kunju Menon, McKamy MS

Grand Prize
Instructional: Life Hacks for School

Ella Ricks, Ally Basurto, Forestwood MS

Instructional: Chocolate Chip Goodness

Elizabeth Ramirez, Shen Thang, Jessica Gregorio, Cynthia Hernandez, Michelle Vazquez Ortiz, Hedrick MS


Instructional: Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Jacqueline Stevenson, Nikita Kolatkar, Sydney Mayes, Adeline Miller, Downing MS

Instructional: How to Play the Piano

Jovita Jiji, Killian MS

Grand Prize
Persuasion: Journal Your Way to Happiness

Tina Luo, McKamy MS

Persuasion: Gun Control

Riley Grippo, Chloe Mathai, Katie Vargas, Haleigh Warner, McKamy MS


Persuasion: Why You Should Be Kind

Kunju Menon, McKamy MS

Grand Prize
PSA: A Stand for Gender Equality

Tina Luo, Krista Vasconcellos, McKamy MS

PSA: Have You Seen Me?

Zora Lahlou, Mehren Chowdhury, Meere Sengottiyan, Cat-Linh Ho, McKamy MS

PSA: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


Ande, London Stock, McKamy MS

PSA: Saving the World-Drop by Drop, Piece By Piece

Yiru Zhou, Isabelle Montserrat, Riddhi Panthi, McKamy MS

Grand Prize
Story: Dear Insecurities

Riley Grippo, Chloe Mathai, Camille Nguyen, Jack Petereson, Brenden Kline, McKamy MS

Story: Do Dreams Come True?

Logan Haverkamp, Jayden Sena, Taysir Jallad, Luke Spalding, Emma Bitzer, Addison Gunn, McKamy MS

Story: Foray Flick

Keaton Shaffer, Seth Buraglio, Erwin Kingston, Nikhil Sampath, Mickale Seyler, McKamy MS

Story: The Tale of Two Witches

Kylie Callaway, Asia Frascoli, Berkley Broeker, Shelby Mays, Ethan Nault, McKamy MS

People’s Choice
Instructional: Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Jacqueline Stevenson, Nikita Kolatkar, Sydney Mayes, Adeline Miller, Downing MS