2019 Elementary School Winners

All finalists are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Winners were announced on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | PSA | Story |
People’s Choice Voting

Grand Prize
Animation/Stop Motion: The Icy Friend’s Problem

Caitriona Means, Imogen Swanbeck, Degan ES

Animation/Stop Motion: A Baker’s Delight

Veda Ganesan, Heritage ES

Animation/Stop Motion: The Camp Adventure

Noah Lin, Prairie Trail ES

Animation/Stop Motion: The Life of Dragons

Siddharth Prem, Siddhanth Guntupalli, Prairie Trail ES

Grand Prize
Documentary: The One And Only Me

Veda Ganesan, Heritage ES

Documentary: CSE

Cali Helterbrand, Briana Cuevas, College Street ES


Documentary: Nature in your Backyard

Asher Bennett, Independence ES


Grand Prize
Instructional: How to be a Spy

Addison Vick, Wellington ES

Instructional: Basic Soccer Skills

Riggs Broadway, Daniel Taylor, Xavier Erwin, Rhys Schank, Santiago Salcedo, Vickery ES


Instructional: Rainbow Pastel Sugar Cookies

Ava Gervais, Ashley Cisneros, Degan ES

Grand Prize
PSA: What is Adversity?

Brooke Johnke, Sophia Nguyen, Elisa Thwang, Joseph Brickley, Lesslie Huerta, Vickery ES

PSA: Be an Upstander

Hoang-Mi (Macy) Doan, Maci Read, Anica Carbonell, Prairie Trail ES

PSA: Don’t Do Drugs

Lucia Metnitzer, Forest Vista ES

PSA:Wasting Paper

Meherin Sadat, Forest Vista ES


Grand Prize
Story: Field Trip Disaster

Emmett’s 4th grade GT Class, Donald ES

Story: Multiple Perspectives


Emmett’s 5th grade GT Class, Donald ES

Story: Surrender or Die

Logan Wheeler, Audrety Copeland, Hicks ES

Story: The Case of the Missing Friend

Jacinto Marely, Veronica Chase, Aiden Shuck, Briana Cuevas, River Hooper, Isabella Barrett, College Street ES

Story: Three Forms of Isolation

Brooke Johnke, Nathan Carey, Mateo Rodriguez, Vickery ES

People’s Choice
Animation/Stop Motion: The Life of Dragons

Siddharth Prem, Siddhanth Guntupalli, Prairie Trail ES