2019 Elementary School Honorable Mentions

All Honorable Mentions are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Honorable Mentions will be recognized at the Red Carpet Event on May 16, 2019.

Animation/Stop MotionDocumentary | Instructional | PSA

Animation/Stop Motion: BE NINJA

Gavin Pee, Castle Hills ES

Animation/Stop Motion: David and Goliath

Jonathan Chen, Donald ES

Documentary: Moments in Time When SMART Girls the World

SMART Girls Club, Morningside ES

Documentary: Pixel Pugs – Why you should do DI.

Laura Hernandez, Livia Rogers, Wyatt Koonce, Caleb Vilar, Josh Holcomb Timber Creek ES

Instructional: “Meowergami” Cats

Sophia Halderson, Prairie Trail ES

Instructional: Totally Tasty Tacos

Cole Brown, Andrew Swecker Prairie Trail ES

PSA:  Conserving Energy PSA

Jaycee Bassett, Kaitlynn Clifford Prairie Trail ES

PSA:  Trash in the Ocean News Report

Madison Tran, Kaylee Bartholow, Polser ES

PSA:  What is Dyslexia?

Mia Jones, John Gomez, Vickery ES