2015 Middle School Honorable Mentions

All Honorable Mentions are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Honorable Mentions will be recognized at the Red Carpet Event on May 29, 2015.

Story | Documentary | Instructional | PSA

Story: Along the Trail

Anisha Gowda, Katie Smith, Sophia Klingenstein, Ashley Johnson, Lauren Satterfield – McKamy Middle School

Story: Love: A Journey to Happiness

Miquela Lopez, Wesley Brewer, Ashley Goforth, Keely Patelski, Amy Jo Piers – Hedrick Middle School

Story: The Switch

Sydney Gardner, Alisa Portillo, Noelle Pratt, Elisa Ferreira, Mckenna Quinn – Shadow Ridge Middle School

Story: A Week Before

Madison Smith, Maddie Carlock, Stefan Lawniczak, Josie Knight, Sophia Casillas – McKamy Middle School

Documentary: Big Bend National Park

Melissa Maddamma – Briarhill Middle School

Documentary: Depression

Amanda Todd, Chloe Alvarado, Austin Seo, Keerthana Rameshbabuk, Sheridan Kemper – McKamy Middle School

Documentary: Women’s Rights

Shalini Namuduri, Sweta Murthy, Sammie Pozos, Annie Moore – McKamy Middle School

Instructional: Internet Search

Alexander Habich, Nathan Karseno – Arbor Creek Middle School

Instructional: Screen Shot Tutorial

Andrew Leone, Liam Hutson, Briarhill Middle School

Instructional: Similes and Metaphors

Nathan Powell, Matt Marlow, Landry Upchurch – McKamy Middle School

PSA: Bullying

Cody Kravik, Yewon Choi, Josie Vaibhavi, Katy Beth Berry – McKamy Middle School

PSA: Don’t Be this Guy. Be this Guy.

Troy Wilten, Nolan Westrope, Jeremy Cotherman, Trevor Douglas – Briarhill Middle School

PSA: Falling

Bailey Lewis – Huffines Middle School

PSA: Inner Beauty

Amanda Yancey, Ayna Molina, Lauren Bordelon, Braegh Smith – McKamy Middle School