2016 Middle School Winners

All winners’ videos are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below.

 Documentary | Instructional | PSA | Story


1st Place Documentary: Religious Freedom

Rishi C, Hannah L, Reid R, Santhosh K, McKamy MS

1st Place Documentary: Sustainable Energy

Hormuz B, McKamy MS

2nd Place Documentary: Homelessness in America

Macie W, Julia R, and Madelyn P, McKamy MS

3rd Place Documentary: Who Cares?

Kylie D, McKamy MS


1st Place Instructional: Cool Science Experiments!

Anish R, McKamy MS


2nd Place Instructional: How to Film, Edit, and Upload a Video

Emily H, Andrew M, McKamy MS

3rd Place Instructional: Do’s and Don’ts of How to Avoid Bullying

Rikhil K, Aarush D, JD K, McKamy MS

1st Place PSA: Cyberbully

Alec M, Chandler F, Cade W, John W, Downing MS

1st Place PSA: Suicide

Matalyn W, Downing MS

2nd Place PSA: Animal Abuse

Dillon S, Jake Ry, McKamy MS

2nd Place PSA: Cyberbullying

Elizabeth R, Maddie H, Sydney R, Tanner K, McKamy MS


2nd Place PSA: PTSD: A Disease that Targets the Strong

Katherine S, Mikal L, Cameron H, Ayana B, McKamy MS

1st Place Story: The Life of a Mug

Arthur N, Alec F, Downing MS

2nd Place Story: The Robber

Jack F, Killian MS

3rd Place Story: Safe

Emily C, McKamy MS