2018 High School Winners

All finalist videos are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Winners were announced on Friday, May 24, 2018, at the Red Carpet Event.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | Persuasion | PSA | Story | People’s Choice Voting

Animation 1st Place/Stop Motion: Cop Dog

Elizabeth Neal, CCE

Animation/Stop Motion 1st Place: Fish out of Water

Blake Gutierrez, CCE

Animation/Stop Motion 2nd Place: Harmony

Haylee Selke, CCE

Animation/Stop Motion 3rd Place: A Magic Act

Rebecca Spirit, Flower Mound HS

Documentary 1st Place: Lest We Forget

Mitchell Colby, Thomas D’Arcy, Garrett Weeks, John Aarni, Dale Jackson CC

Documentary 2nd Place: I Am Me

 Paige Slaughter, Flower Mound HS

Documentary 3rd Place: Culinary Arts News Package

Aiden Call, Michael Hernandez, CCE

Instructional 1st Place: How to Get an Education

Krista Kummerl, Kayla Kummerl, Hebron HS

Instructional 2nd Place: How to make Ramen

Savannah Heim, Maya Morris, Dale Jackson CC

Instructional 3rd Place: Unemployment: A Silent Film

AP Macroeconomics, Hebron HS

Persuasion 1st Place: Best Friend Forever

Alsa Khan, Muhammad Jee, Marcus HS9

PSA 1st Place: Surviving an Action Scene

Jacob Vu, Garrett Weeks, Erin Kimball, Ryan Carley, Hebron HS, Flower Mound HS, Marcus HS

PSA 2nd Place: Concealed

Aiswari SriPrabhakhar, Grace Hess, McKay Eastham, Flower Mound HS, Marcus HS

PSA 3rd Place: Look Up

Maika Nakasone, Flower Mound HS


Story 1st Place: Hollow

Scott Convery, Matthew Black, Ted Stolinsky, Matthew Blom, Jill Risberg, Flower Mound HS

Story 2nd Place: Burnt

Aalayah Woodley, Dale Jackson CC

Story 3rd Place: Killer Distractions

Brenna O’Donnell, Ashley Martin, Channing Mizer, Flower Mound HS9

People’s Choice: I Am Me

 Paige Slaughter, Flower Mound HS