2018 Middle School Winners

All winners’ videos are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Winners will be announced at the Red Carpet Event on May 24, 2018.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | Persuasion | PSA | Story | People’s Choice Voting

Animation/Stop Motion: Another Man’s Treasure

John Manon, Creek Valley MS

Animation/Stop Motion: How To Survive Middle School: Friendships Edition

Caitlyn Nguyen, Emily Kwak, Yasmine Hicks-Murray, Creek Valley MS

Animation/Stop Motion: Life of a Shut-in

Adam Tran, Eric Lee, Alanna Ward, Rahik Skider, Creek Valley MS

Animation/Stop Motion: World War 2

Rahik SIkder, Alexander Chanaa, Creek Valley MS

Documentary: The Gift of Music

Esther Ju, Maanas Varma, Ryan Park, Mckamy MS

Documentary: My Passion: Singing

Akshay Kelkar, McKamy

Documentary: My Tennis Journey

Madhav Badithela, McKamy MS

Documentary: Who is God?

Rachel Ringo, Killian MS

Instructional: How to be Organized for School

Ella Ricks, Ali Basurto, Forestwood MS


Instructional: How To Use Proper Digital Etiquette

Nathan Guilbault, Bryce Berrier, Killian MS

Instructional: How to Use Who, Which, and Whom





Eric Guo, Natalie Stearns, Malina Nesian, McKamy MS

Persuasion: CHOICES

Hedrick Advanced Theatre, Hedrick MS

Persuasion: Rainbow Rowell Ad

Anjali Cherukuri, Varsha Kolli, McKamy MS

Persuasion: Why You Should Read Marie Lu

Ayush Mishra, Madhav Badithela, McKamy MS

PSA: Have You Seen Her?

Jenna Kirby, Killian MS

PSA: Hidden Depths: Anti-Bullying PSA

Eleanor Rose Tallman, Shadow Ridge MS

PSA: Technology: How it has Impacted Our World Today

Neal Shiyekar, Akshay  Kelkar, McKamy MS


Story: Halloween Night

Jenna Kirby, Killian MS

Story: Hide and Seek

Harshvardhan Singh, Lamar MS

Story: The Devil’s Playground

Gavin Malden, McKamy MS

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