2018 Elementary School Winners

All finalists are linked on this page. You may “jump” to a specific category by clicking on the category link below. Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | PSA | Story |
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Animation/Stop Motion: Jorge Finds His Confidence

Vicente A, Prairie Trail ES

Animation/Stop Motion: My Tap Dancing Rubik’s Cube

Vishnu P, Liberty ES

Animation/Stop Motion: Pencils vs. Scissors

Vincent G, Keaton W, Liberty ES

Animation/Stop Motion: Ronke Rules-A day in the life of a 9 year old

Aderonke N, Southridge ES

Documentary: #LikeAGirl

S.M.A.R.T. Girls Club, Morningside ES

Documentary: A Day in the Life of a Fifth Grader

Abigail R, Emeralda R, Independence ES

Documentary: NEU Documentary

Kirat M, Degan ES


Documentary: Pele Documentary

Zane W, Aaron E, Independence ES

Instructional: Misty And Me: How to Groom a Horse

Katelyn G, Wellington ES

Instructional: Slime Sensation

Hayden P, Leah P, Vickery ES


Instructional: The Chef’s Corner

Braedy G, Wellington ES

PSA: Homeless

Caitlyn M, Prairie Trail ES

PSA: Let’s Unplug and Get Active!

Paxon B, Prairie Trail ES

PSA: Stop Bullying Make Friends

Landon G, Bailey P, Donald ES

PSA: Texting While Driving

Sarah H, Joslyn W, Layla T, Donald ES


Story: Mysterious Tasks of the Wild World

Thuy P, David P, Degan ES

Story: The Adventures of Pingy and Friends

Isaac F, Nhi T, Aaron S, Degan ES

Story: The Sunken Palace

Logan W, Hicks ES

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