2018 Rising Stars

Rising Stars will be honored at the Red Carpet Event on Thursday, May 24, 2018.  Use the links below to jump to different categories.

Animation/Stop Motion | Documentary | Instructional | PSA | Story

Animation/Stop Motion

Chase ‘n the Bad Guys

Cameron W, Bridlewood ES


First Grade Funnies

Mrs. Chesworth’s First Grade, Donald ES

How Does Heat Change the Physical Properties of Chocolate?

Mrs. Gibson’s 2nd Grade Class, Independence ES

Martin Luther King Jr.

Caroline C, Donald ES

Peters Colony Documentary

Mrs. Morris’s 2nd Grade LEAP, Peters Colony ES

The Art of Karate

Madison O, Donald ES

The Engineering Design Process: A Landform STEM Challenge

Hastie Herders, Donald ES


How to Be a Great Student

Mrs. Morris’s 2nd Grade LEAP, Independence ES

How To Draw A Monster/Dragon

Jalen D, Bridlewood ES


The Perfect Selfie

Benjamin B, Donald ES


Three Digit Addition


Abhiram S, Liberty ES

Public Service Announcement

Friendship Movie

Ella H, Old Settlers ES

Never Give Up!

Elizabeth K, Maddison P, Hicks ES

Ways to be Kind

The Kind Class, Donald ES


Dreams Come to Life

Addison V, Nolan V, Wellington/Lillie Jackson ES


How to Make Friends

Mrs. Parker’s 1st Grade, Donald ES

I Can Be Anything

Mrs. Redden’s Super Kids, Donald ES

Lily and the Two Bullies

Kinsley J, Donald ES


Making Friends in Kindergarten

Mrs. Starnes’ Busy Bee Class, Donald ES


Kennedy C, Old Settlers ES

Texas is the Friendship State

Mrs. Bunkley’s Kindergarten, Donald ES

The Mysterious Magic Hat

Mrs. Kirby’s 2nd Grade Class, Southridge ES

Wise Words from First Grade

Mrs. Thompson’s First Grade, Donald ES


Zuper Zoo

Ms. Emmett’s 2nd grade GT Class, Donald ES